7 Essential Tips for Planning a Wedding

No one will ever tell you that planning a wedding is easy. It takes hard work, which is understandable, as it is to be the most important day of your life. If you’re set to marry the love of your life, then follow these seven tips to make sure everything is smooth sailing.

1: Don’t Forget the Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Many brides and grooms spend so much time planning their wedding that they forget the pre-wedding events like the bachelor/bachelorette parties. To make sure it’s not a last-minute thing, plan the details of these events in advance so that both parties have a great time. If you’re throwing a party rather than hitting the town, consider using Event Bartenders so that the drinks keep on coming throughout the night.

2: Keep a Wedding Planning Notebook

It can be hard to keep track of every idea and plan you come up with, so keep a wedding planning notebook. This organization will help during the more stressful moments, as you’ll always have something to refer to. Feel free to stick pictures of inspiration in there!

3: Let Your Friends and Family Help

You don’t have to plan everything on your own. Get your friends and family involved to help with this process, and you’ll find it goes much smoother. You might find your friend knows the perfect wedding caterer and that another has contacts with excellent bands that could play at your wedding. It’s all about collaboration!

4: Focus on the Food

Food and drink are linked to some of the most important parts of the day, including cutting the cake and giving toasts. For this reason, having a great selection of food and drink is an absolute must. When thinking about how to entertain guests, think about what everyone will eat first. Everyone is happy when they’re presented with a delicious meal and a glass of champagne!

5: Spend Time on the Guest List

You shouldn’t rush the guest list. Inviting people for the sake of it isn’t worth it – remember, it’s your day, and you get to decide who spends it with you. Smaller weddings can be more fun, so consider your guest list carefully and make sure you’re happy with everyone who’ll be attending.

6: Get Creative with the Little Details

It’s easy to overthink the big parts of the wedding when planning, but you should also focus on the little details, as they are often what makes the day even more special. Small gift bags, décor accents, candles, and candy tables are just some ideas for small touches.

7: Don’t Aim for Perfection

All too often, wedding planning overwhelms the brides and grooms to be. To make sure this doesn’t happen, don’t strive for perfection. After all, no day ever goes according to plan! That doesn’t mean you can’t aim for everything you want; it simply means you should let little things slide. If you can’t book a certain band, for example, there are always others to choose from.

Once your wedding comes around, you’ll forget all about the stressing and planning. So, take things easy, stay organized, and get excited about your big day.