5 Rewarding Jobs Where You Can Make A Difference

Every job requires some form of training and education. It takes more than what you know to excel in certain fields. For many professionals, working in such careers is a privilege and an opportunity to touch lives. Here are five rewarding jobs where you can make a difference if you feel this way.

1. Thanatologist

The demand for different types of health care professionals, from physical to emotional support, has risen in recent years due to the pandemic. Thanatologists are one of the many in this category. But what is a thanatologist?

A thanatologist helps patients manage their grief after someone they know passes. The field of thanatology is a recognized academic and scientific discipline focused on examining death and its impact on deceased’s survivors. Thanatologists leverage their knowledge about different death types, how humans grieve, etc., to determine the right kind of support to give patients. They consider the effects of death from multiple perspectives, including physical, spiritual, psychological, etc.

As a thanatologist, you can work in various settings, especially suicide prevention non-profits, funeral homes, hospitals, etc. For the most part, you’ll be working with aggrieved kids and veterans, helping to change their perspectives about life after someone close to them passes.

2. Animal Rehoming and Welfare Officer

This can be a very rewarding career if you have a big heart and a genuine love for animals.
Approximately 10 million pets go missing in the United States each year. Studies also show that 30 to 50 percent of all animal species may go extinct by 2050. As an animal rehoming and welfare officer, you’ll be responsible for reuniting lost and found pets and those in rehoming centers with prospective owners so they can get the love and care they deserve.

Such pets can be sophisticated due to past traumatic experiences. Therefore, new owners need the assistance of experts like you to help them bond with such pets. You can bet your job will be rewarding after successfully connecting a lost pet with its owner.

3. Emergency Call Handler

Emergency calls can be life and death situations. People are often distressed, confused, and anxious when they call the police, ambulance, or fire service. For this reason, employers of emergency call handlers look for calm and responsible individuals who can sustain conversations until help arrives.

4. Midwife

The birthing process can be magical, but it can also be fatal without adequate care. Guess who gets to push those buttons? Midwives.

Midwives require special health training from accredited educational institutions and licensing authorities.

5. Speech And Language Therapist

About 8 percent of children in the U.S. have a speech, voice, or language disorder. These disorders affect their communication and learning difficulties. Many patients also face discriminatory treatments making life difficult.

Becoming a speech and language therapist can be rewarding if you’re interested in giving children and other adults living with these conditions an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Generally, most of these jobs favor on-the-job training, which can be a great benefit if you don’t have a specific educational background. However, you may need specialized training as you climb up the career ladder.