Top 3 Reasons a Pet is Good for Your Health

Humans have been domesticating animals for centuries. Millions of homes are shared between people and their pets, and these pets can come in many different varieties. Some people like a pet to focus their care and attention on, while others enjoy the non-judgemental companionship. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should introduce a pet into your household, take a look at these top three ways that a pet could improve your health.

  1. Support Animals Can Detect Illness and Help People in Need

Pets possess senses that humans don’t. For example, some dogs can assist people with epilepsy during seizures. Support animals can also guide people with visual impairments and help them live more independently. There have even been cases where pets have detected illness in their owners’ bodies by scent.

  1. Some Pets Can Help You Stay Active

While you might have to find more creative ways to encourage your hamster or goldfish to participate in strenuous exercise along with you, there are plenty of pets that can promote a more active lifestyle. You’ll want to make sure your pet is fit and healthy by arranging an appointment with, ensuring they are able to fulfill their natural physical needs. When your pet requires regular exercise, it becomes easier for you to motivate yourself to exercise too. Here are some types of pets that can help their owners lead a more active life:

  • Dogs require regular walks and, depending on their breed and temperament, will benefit from active play as well. This might involve running, playing fetch, learning new tricks, or practicing agility.
  • Cats are notoriously lethargic pets but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy activities with them. If you have an outdoor cat, chances are it already explores the local area and keeps itself active. For people who live in apartments, however, taking your cat for a walk on a leash is not unheard of. You can also find special backpacks or bicycle baskets for safely taking your cat on adventures with you.
  • Horses are great pets for someone who enjoys fitness. Taking care of a horse is a strenuous task in itself, but horse riding is even more demanding on the body.
  1. Pets Have Been Shown to Improve Mental Health

Keeping an animal companion isn’t only beneficial for your physical well-being but your mental health too. Many studies have shown the different ways that pets can improve their owners’ moods. The soothing act of petting a soft animal, such as a rabbit, dog, cat, or hamster, can significantly reduce symptoms of stress, such as high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate.

Centuries ago, humans coexisted with animals for mutual benefits. Cats ate the pests that threatened crops, and dogs could assist in hunting. Ever since people have enjoyed close bonds with their household pets and found more than just practical reasons to share their homes with animals. Pets bring joy, peace, and comfort into people’s lives, and all they need in return is someone to look after them.