Decorate any room with these successful tips

For most of us ‘decorating’ usually means hanging some wallpaper and giving the walls a quick coat of fresh paint – a pretty basic practical approach which serves a purpose but isn’t particularly inspiring.


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If anything beyond that seems impossible, think again, as just a few extra tweaks can turn that mini-makeover into an amazing revamp. There are places out there like a Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire location sourced from sites including who will actually decorate the home for you before you even get there.  Here are some ideas on how to achieve a new high-end decorating result without having to do anything at all complicated, time-consuming or construction work. With time being more and more precious to everyone these ideas are a great guide to go by.

1. Hang Pictures in the Right Places

Bare walls are boring, so a few properly placed pictures, paintings or photographs make a room sing, but do pay attention to where you place them. Start with a tape measure, as professionals recommend the centre of any piece should be around 145 – 152cm from the floor. You can style these pictures with family photos to personalise the space to and it can often be a talking point when visitors come round.

2. Spruce Up the floor

Choose flooring that coordinates with the wall colour. Similar is all right, but avoid an exact match. For example, cool grey walls and silver hued hardwood-look grey laminate flooring is a great match and will look fantastic.  It’s always good to be careful when choosing your flooring. The right type of flooring is easy to clean and to maintain.


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3. Lose Bulky Furniture

Streamlining with fewer lower-level and average-sized pieces, in shades which showcase your main colour theme, is an easy way to achieve the wow effect. You want to make sure when people walk in they are blown away.

4. Mix Up the Lighting

The perfect room sports a mixture of soft and direct light, so a table lamp, an uplighter and a couple of spot lights are great choices. It allows for great mood lighting for most occasions like family birthday parties and allows you to feel comfortable any time of the day.