A look at the digital signature

If you do not know what it is, below we will explain everything you need to know about the digital signature, how and where to request it, but also how to digitally sign a document.

With the growing technological evolution of recent years, digitally signing a document has now become a very widespread practice and will be increasingly so in the near future. All this is possible only thanks to the introduction of the digital signature. Below you can read a short guide that explains what a digital signature is and how to digitally sign a document.


The digital signature, governed by Legislative Decree 82/2005, is a particular type of electronic signature which, unlike the latter, gives full legal value to the document you want to sign. Through it is, therefore, no longer necessary, where required, to have to affix seals, punches, stamps, marks, or trademarks: it is sufficient to only digitally sign to have legal value. All this takes place through the use of modern asymmetric cryptographic techniques, through which a binary number (the signature) is associated with the IT document, which is able to identify who is the person who affixes the signature.

Each digital signature holder has assigned a pair of keys (two binary numbers of at least 2048 bits, one of which is public and one private) which guarantee originality (the signer assumes responsibility for the content), integrity (certifies that after the signature does not no changes have been made) and the non-repudiation of the signed document.

The advantages of digitally signing a document are certainly not to be taken lightly. First, you have to think about greater efficiency (no longer need to print and then scan). At the same time, there is a reduction in the space occupied by printed sheets, greater speed in searching for files on digital devices than in paper format, and environmental benefits due to the non-consumption of paper and toner. Other elements to consider are the speed and ease of how to digitally sign a document: after obtaining your personal signature from the accredited bodies, it only takes a few seconds to complete the operation, all in the name of maximum security.


The request for the digital signature takes place at one of the agencies certified by the AgID such as Aruba, InfoCert, or Poste Italiane, from which it is possible to purchase a particular kit. As for the prices they are not very high but certainly whatever the cost is worth facing.