Tips for the Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married, and it’s usually the time of year where several wedding invites from family and friends come through our doors. If you’re not part of the bridal party, finding a spring wedding outfit can be difficult because there are so many choices available. The weather is constantly changing so it can be a really tricky event to dress for.


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Spring is still the most popular choice for a wedding day. So it’s important to plan ahead for the wedding season to make sure you have your outfit completely planned out. The way a wedding guest dresses can be important to the happy couple as well. Here we’ve come up with some different ideas on wedding guest dresses and outfits.

The Church Wedding

Attending a wedding taking place in a church means that a guest should opt for a more respectable and modest look. This doesn’t mean to cover up completely in a frumpy dress, but remember that outfits for a church wedding shouldn’t be low cut or too short in the hemline.


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There are many choices of wedding guest dresses out there, but mini dresses aren’t completely off the cards if you choose the right version. A light coloured lace or a ruffled shift dress can still follow the basic rules of a church wedding, with longer sleeves and a higher neckline.

Garden Nuptials

Many couples choose to get married outdoors in spring. So what’s better for an outdoor wedding that opting for a floral dress? There’s no better time to bust out those amazing floral prints than a spring wedding taking place outdoors. Trying to find a gorgeous Wedding Venue? You can find a range of places that have the perfect Gloucester Wedding Venue such as or places more local to you, so you can really have the dream Spring Wedding.

As well as floral prints, flower embroidery has been a huge trend this season. Jumpsuits and dresses are both suitable options for wedding dress options, offering an alternative to the basic dress.

Night Time Ceremonies

Sunset ceremonies are nothing short of wonderful. The atmosphere is exciting and lively as the sun goes down, with the promise of a fun evening ahead for everyone. Remember that at this time the temperature will drop quite significantly so it’s a great idea to bring a light coat or a wrap for your shoulders. For nighttime ceremonies, the most appropriate outfit would be a cocktail dress.